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The People's Republic of China      Certain Artist Canvas from the People’s Republic of China

Case Number:   A-570–899

Anniversary Month: June


PRC-wide Rate-264.09%


The products covered by this order
are artist canvases regardless of
dimension and/or size, whether
assembled or unassembled, that have
been primed/coated, whether or not
made from cotton, whether or not
archival, whether bleached or unbleached, and whether or not
containing an ink receptive top coat.
Priming/coating includes the
application of a solution, designed to
promote the adherence of artist
materials, such as paint or ink, to the
fabric. Artist canvases (i.e., pre–
stretched canvases, canvas panels,
canvas pads, canvas rolls (including
bulk rolls that have been primed),
printable canvases, floor cloths, and
placemats) are tightly woven prepared
painting and/or printing surfaces. Artist
canvas and stretcher strips (whether or
not made of wood and whether or not
assembled) included within a kit or set
are covered by this proceeding.

Artist canvases subject to this order
are currently classifiable under
subheadings 5901.90.20.00 and
5901.90.40.00 of the Harmonized Tariff
Schedule of the United States (‘‘HTSUS’’). Specifically excluded from the scope of this order are tracing cloths, ‘‘paint–by-number’’ or ‘‘paint–ityourself’’ artist canvases with a copyrighted preprinted outline, pattern, or design, whether or not included in a painting set or kit.1 Also excluded are stretcher strips, whether or not made from wood, so long as they are not incorporated into artist canvases or sold as part of an artist canvas kit or set. While the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, our written description of the scope of this proceeding is dispositive.

Additionally, we have determined that canvas woven and primed in India but cut and stretched in the PRC and exported from the PRC is not subject to
the order covering artist canvas from the
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On March 30, 2006,  the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Final Dertermination of its antidumping duty investigation of Certain Artist Canvas from China. A notice of correction was published on May 8,2006 to correct one of the exporter and producer names that was published in the Final Determination. The Department of Commerce determined that Pespondents listed below were dumping Certain Artist Canvas in the United States.  The Department of Commerce calculated rates of 77.90%-264.09% for Prespondents.  The PRC-wide Rate was 264.09%.


ITC Determinations: Initiation | Prelim | Final
DOC Determinations: Initiation | Prelim | Amended Prelim | Final | Final (correction) | Order

Current Rates:

Producer Exporter Rate
Jinhua Universal Ningbo Conda 264.09%
Wuxi Silver Eagle Cultural Goods Co. Ltd. Ningbo Conda 264.09%
Wuxi Pegasus Cultural Goods Co. Ltd. Conda Painting 264.09%
Jinhua Universal Jinhua Universal 264.09%
Phoenix Materials Phoenix Materials 77.90%
Phoenix Stationary Phoenix Materials 77.90%
Shuyang Phoenix Phoenix Materials 77.90%
Phoenix Materials Phoenix Stationary 77.90%
Phoenix Stationary Phoenix Stationary 77.90%
Shuyang Phoenix Phoenix Stationary 77.90%
Wuxi Yinying Stationery and Sports Products Co. Ltd. Corp. Jiangsu By–products 77.90%
Su Yang Yinying Stationery and Sports Products Co. Ltd. Corp. Jiangsu By–products 77.90%
PRC-wide Rate    264.09%


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