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    The People's Republic of China     Chloropicrin from China
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Case Number:   A–570–880

Anniversary Month:  March

 Final Rates:  (see below)





Chloropicrin from China Found Likely to be Dumped if Order Revoked by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

On November 6, 2009, the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Final Results of its antidumping duty sunset review of chloropicrin from China.  The Department of Commerce determined that dumping of chloropicrin from China likely would continue or recur if the antidumping duty order were revoked.  The International Trade Commission now must vote on the likelihood of continued or recurring injury to the U.S. domestic industry.   If the International Trade Commission makes an affirmative injury determination, the antidumping duty order on chloropicrin from China will be continued for another 5 years.

IMPORTERS - watch the liquidation instructions and liquidations carefully.  If there are any errors in the instructions, you must sue the Department of Commerce within 2 years.  If the U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not liquidate your entries within 6 months of publication of the final, the merchandise liquidates as entered. 


Sunset Review 1998: Initiation | Final | Continued Order
Sunset Review 2004: Initiation | Final | Continued Order
Sunset Review 2009: Initiation | Final | Continued Order 


Current Rates:

Producer Exporter Rate
China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation 0.58 %
China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation William Hunt & Co. (International) Ltd. (Hong Kong) 1.58 %
All Others   58.0%



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