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the People's Republic of China    Frozen and Canned Warmwater  Shrimp from China

Case Number:   A-570-893

Anniversary Month: February


PRC-wide Rate-112.81%


The scope of this order includes
certain warmwater shrimp and prawns,
whether frozen, wild-caught (ocean
harvested) or farm-raised (produced by
aquaculture), head-on or head-off, shellon
or peeled, tail-on or tail-off,2
deveined or not deveined, cooked or
raw, or otherwise processed in frozen
The frozen warmwater shrimp and
prawn products included in the scope of
this investigation, regardless of
definitions in the Harmonized Tariff
Schedule of the United States (‘‘HTS’’),
are products which are processed from
warmwater shrimp and prawns through
freezing and which are sold in any
count size.
The products described above may be
processed from any species of
warmwater shrimp and prawns.
Warmwater shrimp and prawns are
generally classified in, but are not
limited to, the Penaeidae family. Some
examples of the farmed and wild-caught
warmwater species include, but are not
limited to, whiteleg shrimp (Penaeus
vannemei), banana prawn (Penaeus
merguiensis), fleshy prawn (Penaeus
chinensis), giant river prawn
(Macrobrachium rosenbergii), giant tiger
prawn (Penaeus monodon), redspotted
shrimp (Penaeus brasiliensis), southern
brown shrimp (Penaeus subtilis),
southern pink shrimp (Penaeus
notialis), southern rough shrimp
(Trachypenaeus curvirostris), southern
white shrimp (Penaeus schmitti), blue
shrimp (Penaeus stylirostris), western
white shrimp (Penaeus occidentalis),
and Indian white prawn (Penaeus
Frozen shrimp and prawns that are
packed with marinade, spices or sauce
are included in the scope of this
investigation. In addition, food
preparations, which are not ‘‘prepared
meals,’’ that contain more than 20
percent by weight of shrimp or prawn
are also included in the scope of this
Excluded from the scope are: (1)
Breaded shrimp and prawns (HTS
subheading 1605.20.10.20); (2) shrimp
and prawns generally classified in the
Pandalidae family and commonly
referred to as coldwater shrimp, in any
state of processing; (3) fresh shrimp and
prawns whether shell-on or peeled (HTS
subheadings 0306.23.00.20 and
0306.23.00.40); (4) shrimp and prawns
in prepared meals (HTS subheading
1605.20.05.10); (5) dried shrimp and
prawns; (6) Lee Kum Kee’s shrimp
sauce; (7) canned warmwater shrimp
and prawns (HTS subheading
1605.20.10.40); (8) certain dusted
shrimp; and (9) certain battered shrimp.
Dusted shrimp is a shrimp-based
product: (1) That is produced from fresh
(or thawed-from-frozen) and peeled
shrimp; (2) to which a ‘‘dusting’’ layer
of rice or wheat flour of at least 95
percent purity has been applied; (3)
with the entire surface of the shrimp
flesh thoroughly and evenly coated with
the flour; (4) with the non-shrimp
content of the end product constituting
between four and 10 percent of the
product’s total weight after being
dusted, but prior to being frozen; and (5)
that is subjected to individually quick
frozen (‘‘IQF’’) freezing immediately
after application of the dusting layer.
Battered shrimp is a shrimp-based
product that, when dusted in
accordance with the definition of
dusting above, is coated with a wet
viscous layer containing egg and/or
milk, and par-fried.
The products covered by this
investigation are currently classified
under the following HTS subheadings:
0306.13.00.03, 0306.13.00.06,
0306.13.00.09, 0306.13.00.12,
0306.13.00.15, 0306.13.00.18,
0306.13.00.21, 0306.13.00.24,
0306.13.00.27, 0306.13.00.40,
1605.20.10.10, and 1605.20.10.30. These
HTS subheadings are provided for
convenience and for customs purposes
only and are not dispositive, but rather
the written description of the scope of
this investigation is dispositive.
                                                                                                                             History | Current Rates


On August 13, 2010,  the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Final Results of its 08-09 antidumping duty administrative review of Frozen and Canned Warmwater Shrimp from China.  Based upon the analysis of the comments and information received, the Department of Commerce made changes to the margin calculations to the previous reviews.Shantou Yuexing Enterprise Company got 9.09% instead of 55.23% in investigation.  Hilltop International and Zhanjiang Regal Integrated Marine Resources Co., Ltd. both received 0.00%. Their previous rate was 53.68% and 9.08%.


ITC Determination:  Final | Amended Fianl and Order
DOC Determinations: Initiation | Prelim | Amended Prelim | Final
| Amended Final and Order |
                                            Second Amended Final |
Amended Order| Amended Final | Timker
New Shipper 04-05 (Zhanjiang Regal): Initiation | Prelim| Final
Administrative Review 04-06: Initiation | Initiation2 | Partial Rescission | Prelim | Final 
New Shipper 04-06 (Hai Li): Initiation | Rescission
New Shipper 06 (MCFC): Initiation |
Prelim Rescission | Final Rescission
Administrative Review 06-07: Initiation | Initiation2 | Partial Rescission | Rescission
Changed Circumstances Review 2007 (Hilltop-Yelin): Final
Administrative Review 07-08: Initiation | Initiation2 | Prelim | Final
Administrative Review 08-09: Initiation | Initiation2 | Prelim | Final

Administrative Review 09-10: Initiation | Initiation2 | Partial Rescission
DOC Sunset Review 2010: Initiation

ITC Sunset Review 2010:

Current Rates:

Producer/Exporter Rate
Allied Pacific (H.K.) Co. Ltd 53.68%
Allied Pacific Aquatic Products (Zhangjiang) Co., Ltd 53.68%
Yelin Enterprise Co Hong Kong (‘‘Yelin’’) 0.44%
Shantou Red Garden Foodstuff Co., Ltd. (‘‘Red Garden’’) 27.89%
Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. (‘‘Zhanjiang Guolian’’) .07 %(de minimis)
Asian Seafoods (Zhanjiang) Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Beihai Zhengwu Industry Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Chaoyang Qiaofeng Group Co., Ltd. (Shantou Qiaofeng (Group) Co., Ltd.) (Shantou/Chaoyang Qiaofeng) 55.23%
Chenghai Nichi Lan Food Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Dalian Ftz Sea-Rich International Trading Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Dongri Aquatic Products Freezing Plants 55.23%
Fuqing Dongwei Aquatic Products Industry Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Gallant Ocean (Liangjiang) Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Hainan Fruit Vegetable Food Allocation Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Hainan Golden Spring Foods Co., Ltd./Hainan Brich Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Kaifeng Ocean Sky Industry Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Leizhou Zhulian Frozen Food Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Pingyang Xinye Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Savvy Seafood Inc. 55.23%
Shanghai Taoen International Trading Co., Ltd 55.23%
Shantou Long Feng Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. (Shantou Longfeng Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.) 55.23%
Shantou Wanya Food Factory Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Shantou Jinyuan District Mingfeng Quick-Frozen Factory 55.23%
Shantou Ocean Freezing Industry and Trade General Corporation 55.23%
Shantou Shengping Oceanstar Business Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Shantou Yuexing Enterprise Company 9.08%
Shantou Ruiyuan Industry Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Shantou Freezing Aquatic Product Food Stuffs Co. 55.23%
Shantou Jinhang Aquatic Industry Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Xuwen Hailang Breeding Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Yantai Wei-Cheng Food Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Zhangjiang Newpro Food Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Zhangjiang Bobogo Ocean Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Zhanjiang Runhai Foods Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Zhanjiang Go-Harvest Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. 112.81%
Zhanjiang Universal Seafood Corp. 55.23%
Zhanjiang Evergreen Aquatic Product Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 53.68%
Zhoushan Huading Seafood Co., Ltd. 225.62%
Zhoushan Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Zhoushan Lizhou Fishery Co., Ltd. 55.23%
Hilltop International 0.00%
Zhanjiang Regal Integrated Marine Resources Co., Ltd. 0.00%
PRC-wide Rate   112.81 %


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