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India  hot-rolled carbon steel flat products   Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Flat Products from India

Case Number:   A-533-820

Anniversary Month: December


Essar Steel Limited - 28.25%


The merchandise subject to the order is certain hot-rolled carbon steel flat products of a rectangular shape, of a width of 0.5 inch or greater, neither clad, plated, nor coated with metal and whether or not painted, varnished, or coated with plastics or other nonmetallic substances, in coils (whether or not in successively superimposed layers), regardless of thickness, and in straight lengths, of a thickness of less than 4.75 mm and of a width measuring at least 10 times the thickness. Universal mill plate (i.e., flat-rolled products rolled on four faces or in a closed box pass, of a width exceeding 150 mm, but not exceeding 1250 mm, and of a thickness of not less than 4 mm, not in coils and without patterns in relief) of a thickness not less than 4.0 mm is not included within the scope of the order.

Specifically included in the scope of the order are vacuum-degassed, fully stabilized (commonly referred to as interstitial-free (‘‘IF’’)) steels, highstrength low-alloy (‘‘HSLA’’) steels, and the substrate for motor lamination steels. IF steels are recognized as lowcarbon steels with micro-alloying levels of elements such as titanium or niobium (also commonly referred to as columbium), or both, added to stabilize carbon and nitrogen elements. HSLA steels are recognized as steels with micro-alloying levels of elements such as chromium, copper, niobium, vanadium, and molybdenum. The substrate for motor lamination steels contains micro-alloying levels of elements such as silicon and aluminum.

Steel products included in the scope of the order, regardless of definitions in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (‘‘HTSUS’’), are products in which: i) iron predominates, by weight, over each of the other contained elements; ii) the carbon content is 2 percent or less, by weight; and iii) none of the elements listed below exceeds the quantity, by weight, respectively indicated: 1.80 percent of manganese, or 2.25 percent of silicon, or 1.00 percent of copper, or 0.50 percent of aluminum, or 1.25 percent of chromium, or 0.30 percent of cobalt, or 0.40 percent of lead, or 1.25 percent of nickel, or 0.30 percent of tungsten, or 0.10 percent of molybdenum, or 0.10 percent of niobium, or 0.15 percent of vanadium, or 0.15 percent of zirconium. All products that meet the physical and chemical description provided above are within the scope of the order unless otherwise excluded. The following products, by way of example, are outside or specifically excluded from the scope of the order:

• Alloy hot-rolled carbon steel products in which at least one of the chemical elements exceeds those listed above (including, e.g., American Society for Testing and Materials (‘‘ASTM’’) specifications A543, A387, A514, A517, A506)).

• Society of Automotive Engineers (‘‘SAE’’)/American Iron & Steel Institute (‘‘AISI’’) grades of series 2300 and higher.

• Ball bearings steels, as defined in the HTSUS.

• Tool steels, as defined in the HTSUS.

• Silico-manganese (as defined in the HTSUS) or silicon electrical steel with a silicon level exceeding 2.25 percent.

• ASTM specifications A710 and A736.

• United States Steel (‘‘USS’’) Abrasion-resistant steels (USS AR 400, USS AR 500).

• All products (proprietary or otherwise) based on an alloy ASTM specification (sample specifications: ASTM A506, A507).

• Non-rectangular shapes, not in coils, which are the result of having been processed by cutting or stamping and which have assumed the character of articles or products classified outside chapter 72 of the HTSUS.

The merchandise subject to the order is currently classifiable in the HTSUS at subheadings: 7208.10.15.00, 7208.10.30.00, 7208.10.60.00, 7208.25.30.00, 7208.25.60.00, 7208.26.00.30, 7208.26.00.60, 7208.27.00.30, 7208.27.00.60, 7208.36.00.30, 7208.36.00.60, 7208.37.00.30, 7208.37.00.60, 7208.38.00.15, 7208.38.00.30, 7208.38.00.90, 7208.39.00.15, 7208.39.00.30, 7208.39.00.90, 7208.40.60.30, 7208.40.60.60, 7208.53.00.00, 7208.54.00.00, 7208.90.00.00, 7211.14.00.90, 7211.19.15.00, 7211.19.20.00, 7211.19.30.00, 7211.19.45.00, 7211.19.60.00, 7211.19.75.30, 7211.19.75.60, and 7211.19.75.90. Certain hot–rolled carbon steel covered by the order, including: vacuum– degassed fully stabilized; high–strength low–alloy; and the substrate for motor lamination steel may also enter under the following tariff numbers: 7225.11.00.00, 7225.19.00.00, 7225.30.30.50, 7225.30.70.00, 7225.40.70.00, 7225.99.00.90, 7226.11.10.00, 7226.11.90.30, 7226.11.90.60, 7226.19.10.00, 7226.19.90.00, 7226.91.50.00, 7226.91.70.00, 7226.91.80.00, and 7226.99.00.00. Subject merchandise may also enter under 7210.70.30.00, 7210.90.90.00, 7211.14.00.30, 7212.40.10.00, 7212.40.50.00, and 7212.50.00.00. Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, the Department’s written description of the merchandise subject to the order is dispositive. . 
                                                                                                                             History | Current Rates

Esser Steel Limited hit with 28.25% antidumping duty rate for refusing to cooperate in review affecting December 1, 2008, through November 30, 2009 entries  

On January 11, 2010, the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Preliminary Results of its antidumping duty administrative review of hot-rolled carbon steel flat products from India.  The Department of Commerce determined that Essar Steel Limited failed to cooperate to the best of its ability, and thus assigned an antidumping duty rate of 28.25%.

If this rate does not change in the final results, entries of Esser Steel Limited merchandise sold into the United States will be liquidated with antidumping duties equal to 28.25% of the entered value of the merchandise.

This history is currently being compiled - please contact us for specific information about this case:
DOC Determinations:
Administrative Review 07-08: Initiation | Prelim
Administrative Review 08-09: Initiation

Current Rates:
The list of rates is currently being compiled - please contact us for specific information about this case:


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