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Taiwan - Republic of China  Circular Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes   Circular Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes From Taiwan

Case Number:   A-583-008

Anniversary Month: May


Yeih Phui - 5.4%


The merchandise covered by this order is certain circular welded carbon steel pipes and tubes from Taiwan, which are defined as: Welded carbon steel pipes and tubes, of circular cross section, with walls not thinner than 0.065 inch, and 0.375 inch or more but not over 4.5 inches in outside diameter, currently classified under Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) item numbers 7306.30.5025, 7306.30.5032, 7306.30.5040, and 7306.30.5055. Although the HTSUS subheading is provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the merchandise subject to this order is dispositive. 
                                                                                                                             History | Current Rates

Yeih Phui receives 5.4% Preliminary Rate in its First Antidumping Duty Administrative Review as Successor to Yeih Hising

On June 10, 2010, the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Final Results of its antidumping duty administrative review of Circular Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes from Taiwan.  The Department of Commerce determined that Yei Phui was dumping circular welded carbon steel pipes and tubes in the United States.  The Department of Commerce calculated a rate of 5.4% for Yeih Phui.  In the previous review, Yeih Phui's predecessor-in-interest, Yeih Hising, had its rate calculated at 1.61%.

IMPORTERS - watch the liquidation instructions and liquidations carefully.  If there are any errors in the instructions, you must sue the Department of Commerce within 2 years to correct the errors.  If the U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not liquidate your entries within 6 months of publication of the Final Results, the merchandise liquidates as entered.  In this case, that would mean you would not be required to pay increased antidumping duties.

DOC Determinations: Order
Administrative Review 07-08: Initiation | Prelim | Final 
Administrative Review 08-09: Initiation

Current Rates:

Producer Rate
Au Mau Steel Co., Ltd. 0.66%
Far East Machinery Co., Ltd. 0.0%
Kao Hsing Chang 24.80%
Tai Feng Industries 43.7%
Yieh Loong 24.80%
Yieh Phui 1.61%
Yun Din 24.80%
All-Others Rate  9.7%


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