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disclaimer:  some legalese in simple language. is currently undergoing major construct:  we are building web pages to cover all the information that is out there.  Once our major construction is completed, we will be in a constant state of minor constuction:  we modify web pages a couple of times every year to keep information current - so nearly every day we are changing something so that you have the most up to day information.  Although we do our best to make sure the information is current and complete, we do not guarantee that all information relevant to any business decision or legal argument you are contemplating is posted on  You rely upon the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this website at your own risk.  The only way to guarantee that you have all necessary information after reviewing this website is to contact a lawyer or specialist who will guarantee their work and be held to the relevant standards of professional liability.  If you need complete information for pending transactions or arguments, please contact us and we can provide research services. does not provide legal advice.  Communications between employees, officers, or others at and anyone do not establish attorney-client relationships and are not protected by attorney-client privileges.  Any information from any employee or officer of should not be relied upon as legal advice for any specific situation, or be considered confidential.  If you are in need of legal advice, please contact a qualified international trade lawer.


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